What We Do

We help clients use intellectual property to their advantage in the marketplace. Whether protecting inventions through patents, brand elements through trademarking, creative and artistic works through copyright, or proprietary information through trade secret protection, we counsel clients on how to take an efficient, intelligent, defensible, and cost-effective approach to protecting their “bright ideas.” Those bright ideas can be valuable “property.”

Our Approach

We listen.

We seek to understand and serve your actual needs and your aspirations.

We counsel you very specifically and very personally.

We recognize that you and your business are not the same as everyone else: if you were, you wouldn’t need our services.

We provide information to help you make informed decisions right for your business.

We focus on avoiding conflicts.

We strive to resolve conflicts without litigation, but when litigation is unavoidable we make every effort to control costs while still protecting your business and intellectual property interests.

We add value to your ideas and innovations.

We pride ourselves on providing comprehensive and cost-effective legal services.