Trademark Attorney Santa Rosa

Trademark Attorney Santa RosaYou’ve worked hard over the years in order to make a name for yourself and build a brand you can be proud of, and now you need a trademark attorney in the Santa Rosa area who can help you protect everything you’ve created. A strong brand is infinitely valuable, and our practice is about helping our clients ensure that brand remains in their control. With years of specialized knowledge and experience in trade registration, intellectual property law, and patent protection, our IP lawyers will secure your continued success.

We have the experience to protect your brand.

At Stainbrook & Stainbrook, LLP, our partners have years of experience and specialized knowledge in the area of intellectual property law. We’ve acted as a trademark attorney for hundreds of clients in Santa Rosa, San Rafael, and throughout Sonoma and Marin counties, so you’re always receiving highly attuned counsel. Our area is rich in technological and mechanical fields, including alternate energy and software, which makes the ideas born here incredibly valuable.

Without the correct investment in proper trade registration or patent filing, however, those ideas can leave innovators open to loss. Trademarks are important for brand recognition, though it’s equally important to work with a firm that conducts proper research to ensure your desired trademarks are available and in your best interest. Especially if you’re interested in expanding your business beyond California or even the United States, let us connect you with our trusted foreign associates in order to keep you protected anywhere.

Our trademark attorneys operate out of our Santa Rosa office and are available to those seeking IP law specialists in Sonoma and Marin counties. We gladly work with clients one-on-one, or with in-house business counsel for a variety of companies. If you have questions about securing your desired trademarks, please contact us for information.

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