IP Attorney Santa Rosa

IP Attorney Santa RosaYour ideas are valuable, so you need an IP attorney in Santa Rosa who will help you maintain control of your intellectual property. This region is home to a wealth of people in technical fields, ranging from software to business methods, and it’s essential to obtain the counsel of a skilled intellectual property lawyer in order to ensure your property remains protected from intentional or unintentional infringement.

The Intellectual Property Lawyer with the Experience You Need.

IP law is a complex legal arena ranging from patent application and copyright to foreign protection and litigation. While many in-house business attorneys in and around Santa Rosa have a working knowledge of intellectual property law, it’s essential to work closely with a dedicated IP attorney in order to benefit from their experience and specialized knowledge. At Stainbrook & Stainbrook, LLP, our intellectual property lawyers work both individually and in tandem with in-house counsel to provide our clients with the absolute best protection. We have filed and prosecuted hundreds of patents throughout Sonoma and Marin Counties, and maintain relationships with foreign associates in order to protect our clients’ property outside of the USA and help them flourish in foreign markets. Whether you require counsel to identify an ideal trademark or are licensing and selling your rights, an IP attorney at our firm will guide you in managing your assets.

Our firm is dedicated to providing preemptive protections and counsel to our clients, but if litigation is necessary, we provide defense for intellectual property infringement. Regardless of your current or future plans, if you’d like to secure your rights, avoid infringing on another’s rights, obtain a patent or trademark, or receive counsel for expanding to foreign markets, contact our Santa Rosa firm for information and support.

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